Activities for public

Study circles

These are courses with the aim to deepen the spiritual potential of every participant through studying and contemplating the Word of God. The participants study passages from the Bahá’í Writings, think about their meanings, exchange ideas and mutually broaden each other’s understanding. Open discussion is the key aspect of study circles.

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Devotional gatherings

We regularly hold open gatherings which include prayers and readings for the elevation of the soul. During these meetings we read passages from the Holy books of major world religions which helps to create the atmosphere of mutual understanding.

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Children classes for spiritual development

Bahá’ís consider the spiritual education of children as the most important and praiseworthy service. The purpose of the children classes is to help children understand that it is important to develop our spiritual and moral nature. In this regard children classes help children to develop good characteristics by learning to cooperate with one another, be helpful and to act with kindness and respect. Every class involves prayers, stories, songs, quotes, arts and games. We offer children classes to everybody regardless of their religion.

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